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Martin Surname

Martin is an extremely common name throughout the English-speaking world and, in its many variants form, throughout Europe, stemming from a diminutive of the Latin Martius, the god of war. its popularity is largely due to the widespread fame of the fourth-century saint, Martin of Tours. In Ireland, the surname may be of English,, Scottish or native Irish origin. The best-known Martins, powerful in west Galway and Galway city for centuries were of English extraction, having arrived with the Normans. They claim descent form Oliver Martin who fought in the Crusades.

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Leonard Travis Cranford (CSA)

Leonard Travis Cranford12th Regiment of Alabama Infantry Civil War Service Record L. T. (Trav) Cranford actually had two enlistment's in the 12th Alabama. The first started in March 12, 1862. He enlisted at Coosa County, Alabama to serve 3 years … Continue reading

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Logan Service

2nd Alabama Cavalry Regiment The Second Alabama Cavalry Regiment was organized at Montgomery on 1 May 1862. It proceeded to West Florida and operated there about ten months, engaging in several skirmishes. Ordered to north Mississippi, the regiment was placed … Continue reading

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George Washington Haile

Civil War Service Record George Washington "Jolly" HaileCompany A, 11th Regiment Tennessee Infantry This company was known at various times as Captain White's Company, Company G and Company A, 11th Regiment Tennessee Infantry. The 11th Regiment Tennessee Infantry was organized … Continue reading

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Captain Samuel Martin at King’s Mountain

RESEARCHER’S NOTES: Participation of Captain Samuel Martin in the Battle of King’s Mountain. During the latter part of August and the whole of September, Captain Martin was rarely at home, and then not remaining for more than two days at … Continue reading

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The Royal Lineage of Janet

1. Janet M. Haile m. Tommy H. Martin, Heber Springs, AR. they have four children (surname Martin): Melissa, Tommy D., Allison, Justin. Janet Haile is the daughter of 2. Samuel Arthur Haile Heber Springs, Arkansas. Married Dorothy Logan of Tumbling Shoals, AR,  … Continue reading

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Royal Lineage

King Henry the First was the son of– 1. William the Conquerer, King of England r. 1066-1087. He was the son of 2. Robert I, Duke of Normandy. He was the son of 3. Judith of Brittany & Richard the … Continue reading

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The Logan Ancestors

John Logan was one of the early settlers in Coosa County Alabama when the county was formed in 1832. That county as formed from the Creek Indian Cession and Reverend George Brewers History of Coosa County states that John and … Continue reading

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Migration of Our Ancestors

Ours is truly a diverse family.  If America is the "melting pot" we are a great example.  My father's family is of Scots-Irish ancestry, migrating to America prior to the Revolutionary War. Finally settling in North Carolina.  There they married … Continue reading

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Haile Family History

This page is designed to aid in the search for the surnames of Janet's family. If you are involved in a search for HAILE, LOGAN, or Houston, please investigate the pages listed on the menu under Haile. These surnames all have southern origins. … Continue reading

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