2d Virginia Regiment



[Wright, Continental Army, pp. 283-285]

Authorized 21 August 1775 in the Virginia State Troops as the 2d Virginia Regiment

Organized 21 October 1775 at Williamsburg to consist of seven companies

Adopted 1 November 1775 into the Continental Army

Reorganized 11 January 1776 to consist of ten companies

Assigned 27 February 1776 to the Southern Department

Relieved 27 December 1776 from the Southern Department and assigned to the Main Army

Assigned 22 May 1777 to the 2d Virginia Brigade, an element of the Main Army

Reorganized 1 November 1777 to consist of eight companies

Consolidated 12 May 1779 with the 6th Virginia Regiment [see 6th Virginia Regiment] and consolidated unit designated as the 2d Virginia Regiment, to consist of nine companies

Relieved 4 December 1779 from assignment to the 1st Virginia Brigade and assigned to the Southern Department

Captured 12 May 1780 by the British Army at Charleston, South Carolina

Disbanded 15 November 1783


[Wright, Continental Army, p. 285]

Chesapeake Bay

Northern New Jersey

Defense of Philadelphia


Charleston 1780

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