Our Family

Janet and I were born and raised in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  We were high school sweethearts and married young.  After high school, I joined the US Army and travelled all over the world. Upon my retirement from the military, we settled in Washington state and except for a 3 year span of living in Arizona have remained there.

During my military service I was an Aviation Warrant Officer and flew helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.  I had tours of duty in Vietnam (2) Germany, Alaska, Hawaii, and many different places in the US. After retirement from the Army I turned my hobby (computers) into a paying job and have worked for the State of Washington and the State of Arizona managing various computer operations.

While I was out "playing Army" Janet raised our four children. Melissa, who now lives with her husdand Vince, in Arizona, and has two daughters, Jessica and Danielle. Douglas, who with his wife Tiffany, lives in Washington, and has a son, Mitchell, and a daughter, Sabrina. Allison who with her husbad John, lives in Washington and has two daughters, Ara and Simone, and one son, Zirin. Justin, who with his wife Diane, lives in Washington and has one daughter, Isis.

So after four children, 8 grandchildren, and travelling all over for 20 something years, we are now living back in Washington state to be close to the majority of grandkids and contemplating retirement.

This site contains stories of my ancestors, my musings about family, my stories of growing up, and general information about the genealogy research I do when there is time. Enjoy.