September 4 2011

Seat Bag and Other Stuff


I finally got a seat bag to hold some water bottles.  Finding stuff for a trike is not as easy as for a 2 wheeler, not much to hang it from.  This is a Fastback seat bag made for a solid recumbent seat.  So I made a bracket for the back of the seat to hang it from and it works great.

bike 015

The bracket is made from 1/2” PVC tubing and parts.  First a tee fitting, cut to fit the seat bracket (2), then a few inches of PVC tubing cut to fit (2), then a 45 degree fitting (2), then a PVC electrical conduit 90 degree piece, cut to fit.  I use hose clamps to attach it to the seat.  It was a little loose fitting for the bag, so I added the pipe insulation to it, fits perfectly now.

bike 017

A couple of more shots from different angles to give you a better idea.

bike 018

Works great to carry water bottles, my emergency tool kit, tire changing tools, patch kit, and a extra tube.  With room left over.

bike 016

Got this next one off e-bay.  Got the lead from the Bent Riders Forum.  Only $6, free shipping.  Took awhile since it came from China.  Works very well for camera, wallet, phone etc. Stuff you might want ready access to.

bike 020

bike 019

Took last week off to go fishing, back to the ride this week….

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