June 30 2011

Rusty Nail (10’ 10” 6 Weight Switch–2 piece)


I built this rod from a 10’ 6” 7 weight single handed blank I got from Utmost on closeout.  I think it is a Pac-Bay blank but not sure. This was my first rod build and I probably got a little ambitious with it.  I know I made some cosmetic mistakes, but after reading on the rodbuilding forum, I think they are correctable and I will give that a go later this summer. For now, I am too busy using it to start a project that will restrict its use.  It is a great throwing rod.

I added a reel seat that would allow a removable butt for this rod.  I now have three different butts, although I mainly stick with the 4 inch one shown installed. The rod is a plum color and I got some purple and some fuscia thread to use, but did not like either so I settle for some black. Guides are single foot, ceramic insert guides from Angler’s roost.

fishing 006

After finishing this rod and doing the weight test, it came out to be between 6 and 7 weight.  I started out trying a bunch of 7 weight spey line, but they were too heavy, or at least for me.  I have finally settled on a Rio AFS 5/6 scandi line and a 325 grain Skagit short line for this rod.  They both work beautifully. 80 foot casts are not a problem and if I push, 100 foot are relatively easy.

fishing 008

I have since updated to Airflo Compact Scandi 390 grains at 31 feet and a Rio Northwest Skagit 450 grains at 27 feet.  They both work really well on this rod.  I still use the AFS 5/6 if I want a more delicate presentation, but eh 390 is my go to string for this stick.

I was using the 6 inch grip for 2 handed, but it just was comfortable, so I built the 4 inch grip above and enjoy it more. View of other grips…

Utah 030

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