September 8 2011

On the Road Again


Well took a couple of weeks off from riding, 1 to go fishing and 1 because of heat and laziness. Got back on my schedule today.  My ride is from my house to the Olympia/Woodlawn Trail head, then the length of the trail to Woodlawn Park and back to the I-5 Trail, then to the house, 10.5 miles round trip.

From my house to the trail head is downhill, so that means coming back via that route is all uphill, with a couple of really steep ones right near the house.  So on the return, I hit the I-5 trail and come back via another route, this route takes out the hills, but reduces the trip by a half mile or so.

The Olympia/Woodlawn Trail runs through Olympia and Lacey and is what I call a “Trail of Two Cities”, each segment is very different.  From the Olympia Trail head, it is through a woodland setting, lots of trees and shade,not hardly any streets to cross, a quiet park like setting.  That runs about 2-3 miles. Then You get to the Lacey segment, very urban, lots of street crossings, and unfortunately some of them are relatively busy.  But its nosier and more stops for crossing signals.

The Lacey segment does have 2 coffee shops adjacent to the path, so that makes it nice for my morning ride.  Woodlawn Park has parking and a great playground, not that I need a play ground, but makes a nice trip for the grandkids..

Anyway, back to riding again.  new target is 75 miles per week.  So far my long rid is 35 miles, maybe next week as it cools down, I’ll do a 50 miler. Slowed down my cadence today, tended to use a higher gear instead, little slower average, but knees felt a lot better.

Ride miles: 10.5
Average MPH: 8.1
Max Speed: 20.1
Odometer: 150.2

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