August 20 2011

More Bling


I added some stuff to the trike this week.  I have been trying to figure out a way to mount the flashing white light in front.  Didn’t like the dowel in the handle bar method.  So first off, my Army wind sock.

trike 005

Works pretty nice.  Its not as big as it appears here, it’s the camera angle.  Give me a lot more profile to on coming traffic and makes the trike more visible.  The wife hates it, so I just take it off when she is riding.

New handle bar mount.  This is nothing more that a male PVC 1/2 inch plug.  Took a 5/8 inch dowel, removed some wood from one end to let the plug fit snuggly on it, then painter it black and stuck it into the hollow area of the handlebar.

trike 001trike 002trike 003

Looks better than just sticking the dowel in and covering it with black tape.

Then I started on a front light mount.  I mount this into the hole used for the front reflector. I wanted to get the light out to the end of my foot to prevent the strobe effect bouncing off my feet.  The hanger is a 1/2 inch conduit bracket, then 1/2 inch pvc pipe fillings for the rest. Works OK, but I have a few plans to improve it.

trike 006trike 007trike 010 

Got in 22 miles today, that put me over a 100 on the odometer.

Trip: 22 miles
Avg: 8.5 mph
Max: 23.3 mph
Odometer: 101.3

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