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Military Heritage


Revolutionary War

Samuel MartinCaptain of Militia, Tyron County, NC

Alexander Norton – Virginia Line

War of 1812

Samuel Logan – 2nd Regiment (Hillard’s) East Tennessee Volunteers

Henry Logan – 2nd Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Brown’s) East Tennessee Volunteers

Alexander Logan – 2nd Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Brown’s) East Tennessee Volunteers

William Martin – 8th Company, 2nd Mecklenberg Regiment, North Carolina Militia.

Civil War

Leonard Travis Cranford – Company B, 12th Regiment of Alabama Infantry, wounded at Petersburg, finished war in Union Hospital at Point Lockout, MD as POW.

James A. Cranford – 2nd Battalion Hilliard’s Legion (later merged to 59th Alabama Infantry Regiment) in 1862, died at the Division Hospital, Fair Ground #2, Atlanta, GA October 1863

George W. Haile – Company A, 11th Regiment of Tennessee Infantry, captured at Missionary Ridge, POW for 18 months at Rock Island, IL.

Hyrum T. Jackson – 10th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, wounded at Shiloh, furloughed to AR, didn’t return

B. F. Jackson – 10th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, later reformed as10th Regiment of Arkansas Cavalry

Jacob A Kever – Co F, 37th Regiment of North Carolina Infantry

Isaac Logan – 63d Regiment of Alabama Infantry, less than 17 years old

James Logan – Co G, 2d Regiment of Alabama Cavalry

John Logan – Co C, 59th Regiment of Alabama Infantry

Sidney Norton – Co A, 6th Regiment of North Carolina Cavalry

William Alexander Norton – Wounded 5-5-1864 at Wilderness, VA, died of wounds 5-8-1864, 38th Regiment of North Carolina Infantry

World War I

Samuel Eugene Haile

Bascom Earl Stuart

World War II

Thomas Hoyle Martin – Infantryman, C Company, 1st Battalion, 377th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Division, Patton’s Third Army, 9th Army after Battle of the Bulge, Europe

Raymond Martin – B-24 Pilot, 484th Bomber Group, 15th USAAF, Torreta, Italy. Flew 25 missions including Polesti oilfields, awarded DFC.

Samuel Arthur Haile – B-24 Gunner, 5th USAAF, 22d Bomb Group, Asiatic-Pacific Theater

Clellan Martin – attended aircraft gunnery school and flight training, awarded pilot rating, war ended prior to deployment overseas


Tommy H. Martin – Army Helicopter Pilot, 187th Assault Helicopter Company 67-68, 180th Assault Support Helicopter Company 70-71, awarded DFC and PH

Dennis Martin, USAF, C-130 Loadmaster, Cam Ranh Bay 70-71, awarded DFC and AM

Samuel A. Haile Jr. – Army Helicopter Crewchief, B Company (Little Bears), 25th Aviation Battalion, 25th Infantry Division 1967-68

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