November 16 2011

Lady and the Tramp or Beauty and the Beast!


We ordered Janet a Terratrike Rambler while travelling through Utah this year.  Stopped at Utah Trikes in Payson and tried out a couple of different models, but decided on the Rambler.  After doing research, we were relatively sure this was what she wanted, but wanted to test ride one first. UTT was offering a free paint upgrade with a new Rambler purchase, so Janet opted for the neon pink and we ordered one for her.

trike 012

It arrived today and got it unpacked and all the bling installed, here is a shot of it after her ride around the block a few times… very nice looking.  Still waiting on the flags from Purple Sky, but its as it will be mostly now.

trike 019

Here are the Rambler and the Rover side by side.  The Rover is a few inches longer and 5 lbs heavier and admittedly, not quite as pretty as the Rambler.  In riding, I think the Rambler rides better, feels a little more “sporty” in its handling.  A much better seat, its same frame, but the mesh seat of the Rambler is more comfortable.

trike 013

Didn’t put much on Janet’s trike, she wanted to keep it simple, no homemade attachment pieces, not a ton of lights, but the necessities… So she has two tail lights (Q-Lights) and a steady and flashing front white light (Topeak), with a special mount from my China bike supply place.  Put the triangle on hers and added the accessory bag on the rear seat.  So with the short rear fender, computer, and pwer pedals she is all set.

trike 014


trike 015

The Rover, or the beast, on the other hand is probably overloaded with my crap. I have a couple of custom made pieces for attaching the rear seat bag and the front light, also the rear light on the rack.  Power grip pedals, rack, rear fender and of course lots of carrying capacity…

trike 016

trike 017

trike 018

trike 010

Probably got a lot more stuff than I need, but that’s my job, to carry stuff and the Rover is good at it….

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