June 18 2008

Gray Water Container


I made these when I had the Kiwi, it had small holding tanks, 17 gal gray and 6 gal black.  So if you were dry camping much, you needed some way to be able to capture and dispose of the gray water.  Being cheap, also added to the complexity of the issue.  Iniitally, I used a 7 gal blue fresh water tank from Wal Mart (about $7), then found 2 or 3 6 gal plastic jugs at a garage sale for $1 each.  So I converted them. Just added a PVC hose adapter to the fill cap, drilled a hole for the air vent and added a PVC angle to that to prevent spillage.  When they were filled, I had caps for the air vent and filler adapter.  I could either put them in the pickup and bring them home (great for the garden or lawn) or take them to the trailer dump.  I used a small collapsible luggage cart to transport them.

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