February 1 2015



Civil War Ancestors

There is no other legend quite like the Confederate fighting man. He reached the end of his haunted road long ...
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Migration of Our Ancestors

Ours is truly a diverse family.  If America is the "melting pot" we are a great example.  My father's family ...
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Samuel Arthur Haile Military Service

Arthur served in the US Army during World War II.  He was a B-24 gunner assigned to the 22nd Bomb ...
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Captain Samuel Martin

Excerpt from Sketches of Western North Carolina, Cyrus L. Hunter, 1877 CAPTAIN SAMUEL MARTIN Captain Samuel Martin was a native ...
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Captain Samuel Martin at King’s Mountain

RESEARCHER'S NOTES: Participation of Captain Samuel Martin in the Battle of King's Mountain. During the latter part of August and ...
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Thomas Hoyle Martin

My father Thomas Hoyle Martin served with the 95th Infantry Division as a machine gunner in C Company, 1 Battalion, ...
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Leonard Travis Cranford – CSA

12th Regiment of Alabama Infantry Civil War Service Record L. T. (Trav) Cranford actually had two enlistment's in the 12th ...
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George Washington Haile–CSA

Civil War Service Record George Washington "Jolly" Haile Company A, 11th Regiment Tennessee Infantry This company was known at various ...
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Logan Confederate Service

2nd Alabama Cavalry Regiment The Second Alabama Cavalry Regiment was organized at Montgomery on 1 May 1862. It proceeded to ...
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Coming to America

Click on USA or Europe for a larger view My ancestors were of basic European stock.  Coming to this country ...
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