April 20 2008

Gardner’s Seafood and Pasta – Olympia, WA


spoonfork_5Gardner’s Seafood and Pasta in Olympia, WA is one of our favorite places to eat. While living in Olympia for over 15 years we have seen the ownership of this small family owned business change 3 times, but the menu remains relatively constant, and the quality remains exceptional. It is small, so reservations are in order and you should plan a week or so ahead of time, it stays pretty busy. As the name implies, its seafood and pasta, great deserts and a quality wine selection. Always a fresh fish special, and usually appetizer and desert specials. Entrees run $25-$30, a meal for two, with wine, desert, etc will run $65-$75 in 2007 dollars. The Chicken Pepperonici is one of my favorites. So if you live in Olympia, or the next time your visiting give it a try. 5 out of 5 Link to review

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