September 12 2011

Family Get Together


Had a large portion of the family here in Washington this weekend. Started out to be a Puyallup Fair weekend, but the heat got the best of that.  My grand daughter, Simone, had a performance for the Circus of Dreams in Seattle, so we rested on Saturday… ladies mall shopping, guys to Cabelas, and attended the performance on Sunday.

Saturday night was dinner at the house, will 19 present… Janet and I, 4 of our kids and spouses (Melissa and Vince, Doug, Allison and John, Justin and Diane), 8 grandkids (Jessica, Mitchell, Sabrina, Ara, Simone, Zarin, Parish, and Isis) and 2 great grandkids (Jillian and Astor) …  4 grandkids missing (Melissa, Lindsy, Andrew, Danielle)… here are a couple of shots

2011-09-12 family2011-09-12 family1

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