June 30 2011

Das Boat (Colorado XT Pontoon)


Just a few shots of my pontoon boat. This is a 10 foot pontoon boat I got from Costco in 2008.  It was $300 including shipping to my door, so the price was right.  I have added a 36 lb thrust Mincota, 36 inch shaft electric motor, better anchor system, and rod holders for my 2 handed rods.

First shot is from one of the first river trips.  We floated the Yakima in Sept 2008 and the boat did great.  Discovered the need for a better anchor system, so now I have a lot of chain, attached to a very large muffler clamp (for semi or large truck) with 50 feet of anchor line.  I can let the anchor drag on the bottom and regulate drift speed in a river this way.  Can add or remove sections of chain to adjust anchor weigh depending on river speed.

pontoonfishing 004

This is a shot of the rod holders.  A normal fly rod holder will not work for 2 handers since they have a longer bottom grip.  So I took some 2 inch PVC pipe, my Dremel tool, and made a set that will hold the longer rods. Since this photo, I have added a foam liner to protect the rod even more.  But they work great. Keeps the rod down low and pointing to the rear out of the way of the oars.  I have one on each side, as I usually carry more than one rod rigged and ready to go.  They work for 1 or 2 handers.

fishing 005

Next was how to transport it to the lake or river.  I pull an RV trailer so pulling a small trailer as an option is out.  I deflate the pontoon and carry it in the back of the pickup between home and the RV park or campsite.  Then I get it out, inflate it, and put it on the roof of the truck.  No luggage rack, just strap it down to the fender wells. Works great for running down to the river or lake, or to other lakes.  Don’t like to get it out on the highway much, if I can help it, but it rides fine, its just my preference.

fishing 001

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