March 24 2011

Comb Ridge Café and Expresso, Bluff, Utah


While driving between Monument Valley, UT and Moab, UT, we stopped for coffee at a small town called Bluff, UT (pop 300).  The Frommer’s guide stated that they had basic services and it was a good place to stop.  The town is mostly populated by artists and artisan’s, about 60% of the shops in town are artist shops or galleries.  I think I have the name of the coffee shop correct, but you can’t be too confused, the town is too small to have much more than one.

The coffee shop was a pleasant surprise, they serve breakfast until 11:00, blue corn pancakes, which unfortunately I missed.  Starting March 31, 2011, they will be serving wood fired pizzas, which I also missed… Anyway, great coffee and very nicely decorated, besides coffee shop fare, they had a nice selection of artisan made jewelry, vintage native american jewelry, and native american pottery, as well as a nice selection of second hand books.

There are a couple of RV parks in Bluff, one across the street from the coffee shop looked the best, but were were moving on to Moab, so we didn’t stay here.

Bluff looked interesting enough that we plan a trip back there just to visit that area.  Its close to Monument Valley, Natural Bridge, Mexican Hat, and the 4 corners area, so it would be a good base camp area.  A very nice looking lodge and plenty of galleries and other quaint shops. A nice find in the middle of nowhere…

I must add that the scenery between Monument Valley and Moab is exceptional.  This is our first trip along this route and it has been beautiful. We have been stopping often to take pictures, but they do not show the magnificence and magnitude of the rock formations, it is breathtaking to see nature it all its glory.

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