Eugene, Oregon

We have been in Eugene, Oregon all this week.  This is our second time down here this summer, we really like the place.  We are staying at Armitage Park, it is part of the Lane County Park system and very nice.  Located adjacent to the McKenzie River and close to Eugene and Springfield, just on the northern edge of town.

Eugene has a lot of nice restaurants, coffee shops, a really great walking section of town, organic markets, a Farmer’s market on the weekends, bike shops (our new hobby), thrift stores (our old hobby), and a great fly shop (my hobby).

It is a great place to ride bikes, plenty of trails and paths, without getting on the highways.  While traffic is a bear around here, they seem to be very respectful of bicycles. Lots of paved paths throughout the city, one along both banks of the Willamette River (Ruth Bascom Trail) and another along the Amazon Canal.

trike 001

Eugene Farmer’s market

Dinosaur Trail

We spend today taking some of the scenic drives around Moab.  One was the Dino Trail, the other the Potash Trail.  Both had great views and places to see dinosaur fossils, footprints, and petrographs. Here are some shots…

2011-03-30 arches21

Canyon Lands National Park, Island in the Sky District, UT

While not as spectacular as Arches, there is a lot to see here.  It is mostly close to the road with very short walks of a mile or less. You are on a high mesa above all the canyons, with great views down into them.  We had great weather and was able to get it all in during an afternoon.  Only 5 miles from the cut off to Dead Horse Point State Park.

2011-03-31 canyonlands2