September 12 2011

Family Get Together

Had a large portion of the family here in Washington this weekend. Started out to be a Puyallup Fair weekend, but the heat got the best of that.  My grand daughter, Simone, had a performance for the Circus of Dreams in Seattle, so we rested on Saturday… ladies mall shopping, guys to Cabelas, and attended the performance on Sunday.

Saturday night was dinner at the house, will 19 present… Janet and I, 4 of our kids and spouses (Melissa and Vince, Doug, Allison and John, Justin and Diane), 8 grandkids (Jessica, Mitchell, Sabrina, Ara, Simone, Zarin, Parish, and Isis) and 2 great grandkids (Jillian and Astor) …  4 grandkids missing (Melissa, Lindsy, Andrew, Danielle)… here are a couple of shots

2011-09-12 family2011-09-12 family1

October 31 2010

TSA and the Multi-tool

My four year old grandson Zarin was coming to Arizona for his first visit.  He had been looking forward to this for almost a year.  He even started packing his carry on a week early to be ready.  Of course, that carry-on was full of his favorite items, mostly TOOLS, he loves tools. But as we all know, and he soon found out, TSA frowns on tools in your carry-on.

Prior to leaving his mother unpacked all his items and repacked with the correct items, she also gave explicit instructions NOT to put anything else in the carry-on unless first cleared with her.  hen she had Zarin watch the TSA video for kids via the internet, TWICE, just to be sure.

On the day of departure, things went smoothly, Zarin took off his shoes at the x-ray machine, but touched the scanner as he passed through, a NO NO. So he had to go back through.  Then 2 of their bags came out of the X-ray machine, but not the third.  My daughter noticed that the operator was very interested in bag #3 and called another agent over to view the x-ray.

As the bag came out, an agent asked whose bag it was, my daughter identified it as hers and followed the agent o an inspection table.  He unzipped the upper pocket and as my daughter told him that it was an empty pocket, pulled out my son-in-laws favorite Gerber multi-tool.  My daughter looked at Zarin and he just hung his head.  He had gotten the tool off the dresser and concealed it in the bag prior to leaving.

So TSA escorted them out of the security area and my daughter mailed the multi-tool home, then took Zarin back through security one more time.  Everything went smoothly and now we just have another humorous Zarin story to tell.