July 22 2011

Rolling Lawn Chair

Never thought I would be riding a trike at my age.  I had seen a lot of senior citizens trolling around the RV park on those three wheelers, with the grocery basket on the rear, but didn’t think that was for me.  Well guess what this week I ordered a Terratrike Rover..

My wife had heard about the recumbent trike from one of her friends and so we got to investigating them.  This is now the top selling trike on the market and vastly different from previous trikes.  Much higher seating, easier in and out, etc… so after careful consideration, I ordered one from Utah Trikes this week. So stay tuned for updates and see how my conditioning and training are going..

There is a great trail about a mile from the Olympia house, Western-Chehalis Trail, it is over 20 miles of paved pathway, non motorized vehicles.  With coffee shops at a couple of different locations.  I have been riding 10-12 miles a day on a 2 wheeler to get ready for the trike arrival, today I did 18-20 miles…

The trike is an 8 speed Rover (24-80 inches gear range, if you care) and should be perfect for the trail.  I am enjoying the 2 wheeler, but have started having vertigo issues this year, so not sure a bike is the best for me.  I tried one of these at a shop in Sequim, WA and loved it.  It rides like a rolling lawn chair, ergo the name. Started to call the series Slowrider, since that’s what I am, but like the Rolling Lawn Chair better.

With my heart, speed is not going to happen.  Once the legs start burning and asking for more oxygen, I have to gear down and that reduces speed, while maintaining cadence.  The old pump is not going to give the legs anymore oxygen, its keeping it for itself, selfish bastard… But I have been averaging 8-10 miles an hour on my rides, so that’s not too shabby.

Anyway, I’ll use this blog to note my progress as we move forward.  My wife wants a Rambler, but they aren’t shipping until last August, so we’ll know more about what exactly to get by then.  The Rover has an option for a tandem kit, so may even go with that.