I found this Hot Water Heater Safety Tank at a Goodwill store.  While its large for an RV (they make a much smaller one) the price was right so I decided to try it.  I had to build a platform to rest it on and keep it clear of the pump.  Installed a tee fitting and used flexible hose to connect everything up.  The tank has 40 lb of pressure in the air bladder and dampens out the fluctuation of pressure in the water system.

The first shot is of the platform, the second of the "T" fitting and hoses.

The tank installed in its proper space and finally, a shot of the finished product under the dinette seat.

I was lucky it fit, since I hadn’t measured prior.  The installation make a huge difference in pump noise and running time.  Its now a low humm rather than the former ratcheting sound.  Plus water pressure stays a lot more constant. These shots were made during the initial install.  I had to modify the T filtting, the stell fittings leaked, so I went to brass fitttings and nipples with plenty of plumber’s tape.  That worked fine, no leaks.

Gray Water Container

I made these when I had the Kiwi, it had small holding tanks, 17 gal gray and 6 gal black.  So if you were dry camping much, you needed some way to be able to capture and dispose of the gray water.  Being cheap, also added to the complexity of the issue.  Iniitally, I used a 7 gal blue fresh water tank from Wal Mart (about $7), then found 2 or 3 6 gal plastic jugs at a garage sale for $1 each.  So I converted them. Just added a PVC hose adapter to the fill cap, drilled a hole for the air vent and added a PVC angle to that to prevent spillage.  When they were filled, I had caps for the air vent and filler adapter.  I could either put them in the pickup and bring them home (great for the garden or lawn) or take them to the trailer dump.  I used a small collapsible luggage cart to transport them.

Wheel Chocks

I made these to help stabilize our trailer.  I had a set of commerial versions on my 5th wheel and loved them.  Saw a set of homemade ones on the forums and decided to make these.  They are made from scrap 4X4 pressure treated fence post scraps, 2 1/2 inch pipe clamps from Harbor Freight ($3.99 each) and 2 pieces of 1/2 inche by 18 inch pipe ($3.30 each at Home Depot).

Here is a picture with all the measurements

Water Filter

I put this on my TC23SB.  I needed to get the filter off the ground, organize the hoses, and have a place to store it.  I had a small space under the sofa with an outside entrance.  I used a regular full house filter with garden hose attachments on each end.  Then a 10 foot hose from the filter to the trailer connections.  A 25 foot hose from the faucet to the filter.

I made the holder from a 4 inch drain pipe.  I looks a lot better painted, now all black to match the bumper. Cut it off at the connector end to get the expansion. Mounted with 6 inch galvanized carriage bolts.

Does a really good job and I don’t have to carry something extra inside for it.

The filter in action on a trip…