June 30 2011

Baby Spey (Albright 1078 Converted to Switch)


This rod started as an Albright 1078, 10 foot 7/8 weight single handed rod with a fighting butt.  I have the fighting butt converted to a 5 inch spey grip to make it a 10’5”, 7 weight switch. While the front grip is a little shorter than most 2 handed rods, I do not find it distracting.

Before modification, I was throwing a Sage 8 weight Indicator line on this rod (320 grain), but after modification I now throw a Rio AFS 6/7 scandi and a 450 grain compact skagit.  They both work great.  I also have a modified SA Headstart 10 weight single handed line that woks really nice on this rod. I has the head chopped at 15 feet and sink tips made to replace the 15 feet of floating head.  I still use the 15 feet floating head the most, but it makes a versatile line…

fishing 012

I call it the Baby Spey because I have a Albright 13 foot 8/9 weight spey rod.  After modification, this rod look almost exactly like a miniature version of the big guy…

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