April 17 2010



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  1. By Patricia M. Smith on

    I am always looking for any information I can get.
    Daddy, Lucius Ray Smith of the 379th INF. was killed in action, 12/10/’44 in Fraulatern. Thank you for posting this ♥♥

  2. By George E Mahoney on

    Mr. Martin,

    I too am trying to put something together like what you have here for my Grandchildren to have as a reference of what I did while in Vietnam. Can you share how you were able, and where, to get logs of the daily activity in your Helicopter Company? I have tried searching online and become frustrated with the whole process. Thank you.

  3. By Tom Martin (Post author) on

    I was very lucky there. Our unit had numerous guys who were researching our unit history and some visited the archives and Carlisle Barracks and got a lot of information, that they provided. Texas Tech has the Vietnam Archives and has a lot of info on line you can search. Others have found stuff there.

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