January 10 2015

Thomas Hoyle Martin

My father Thomas Hoyle Martin served with the 95th Infantry Division as a machine gunner in C Company, 1 Battalion, 377th Infantry Regiment during WWII. He joined the unit prior to deployment overseas and remained with them until their return to the US.

His first combat experience was during the  Battle of Metz, one of the most famous battles of the 95th Division and the 3rd Army, his unit was in combat for 51 continuous days before being relieved during that battle. During the month of November his battalion suffered a 70% casualty rate.  The river crossing of Operation Casanova took a heavy toll on Companies A and B and the assault of Metz further depleted Company C.  Company C suffered 57 casualties in one explosion just outside the city of Metz. All of this one month prior to his 20th birthday.

hoyle hoyle

Infantry Machine Gunner

95th Infantry Division History

Battle Reports: 95th ID, XX Corp, Third Army, Lorraine Campaign

During the Ardennes Campaign (Battle of the Bulge) the 95th ID was transferred to control of the XIX Corp and the 21st British Army Group, later to the Ninth Army.

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