June 28 2008

1976 Free Spirit 23′ Class C


We flew out of Alaska to visit all the relatives in Arkansas.  Bought this motorhome in Little Rock, AR and drove it back to Alaska. Kept it for a year and sold it for what we paid for it.  RVs were reselling great in Alaska in those days.

It was great for camping and even better for getting around in the winter.  We could take a lot of people downtown shopping or out to eat, keep the heater running while we were out and have a nice warm ride all evening.

A Class C is great for when you are driving, especially with kids.  they love the overhead bunk. We have thought about getting another for taking the grandkids out, but a trailer seems to suit our style of camping better at this point.  If we ever driving a lot again, we’ll definitely be looking for another Class C.

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